How To Test My Website Speed With Free Speed Test Tool?

One of my blog readers asked me how to check website speed with a free tool. That was a good question. I think every webmaster should check website speed regularly.

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Website speed is a very important thing. Becuase slow loading website is responsible for low search rank and traffic. According to pro webmasters and bloggers, website page speed time should be maximum 4 seconds.

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This is absolutely true that Web readers close browser button if website speed too much. So you should always try to keep page speed up to 4 seconds. That means a website should be open at this time.

Top 3 Tools For Checking Website Speed And Fix Lasy Load Related Issues.

#1 Google Page Speed Tool:

This is totally free tool. You can completely analyze your PageSpeed Insights with this. Google page speed tool is not only a web page speed analyzer but you can identify several ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly. You can analyze both mobile and desktop speed with this single tool.

Google Page Speed Tool:

Check out Google page speed test tool

2# GTMetrix:

Gtmetrix is another web speed and performance optimizer free tool. You can analyze the whole site with this. GTMetrix has 30+ recommendation features that will help you to solve web page speed related issues. When you analyze website with GTMerix you will get two main results one is Performance Scores another is Page Details. See the screenshot.


Check out GTMetrix Tool

3# Pingdom:

Pingdom is a free web page performance analyzer tool. But for the advance results, it has paid version. If you are a beginner, you can use its free version. But before going to test site, you have to register with valid email address. This tool allows checking page speed and other performance by country basis. You will get performance grade, load time, the percentage of faster than, page size, number of requests, tested from countre information.


Check out Pingdom Tool

Last Words:
I always use those three tools to check my blog page speed. But I always prefer to analyze page speed with GTMetrix and Google page speed test tool.
Thanks for reading this guide. If you have any questions regarding this, you can ask me via the comment section.


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