SiteGround Web Hosting Review In 2017 [Update]

There are a lot of reviews of Siteground in Google search engine. One thing is that after knowing about Siteground web hosting, everyone starts to search on Google about it. But it’s quite rare to find an honest review.

But in this post, you will find the most experienced review & information about Siteground.

Siteground is a very little gathering web hosting company to induce along in a very form as normal purchases to utilize the host that they had intimate within the industrial center.

It has assembled 450,000 domain names globally, with information centers across the U. S., Europe, and even Asia.

Highlight Benefits of Siteground Web Hosting:

Siteground offers to ensure everything secured on your site through quality services such as SpamAssassin and SpamExperts tools, IP address block lists, Leech Protect, and hotlink protection. For adding strong security, they make plans to add free SSL.

You can add HackAlert Monitoring to your site for paying $1 per month. This service, check your website daily and notify you if there is anyone tries to hack your site.

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E-commerce website like Magento can be a little bit difficult if you’re not technically experienced. SiteGround removes a lot of problems with one-click install. It takes special care of WordPress users, which most other web hosts don’t do.

Highlight features

If any common or random occurrence brings down your site, Siteground will take care of your site with auto-updates, server-level maintenance and even provide daily backups.

They additionally offer you for WordPress supercharger and free CDN with thirty-four locations to create certain significant multiple files are delivered quickly. In their WordPress managed hosting, security choices are on the market, get pre-installed as a result of WP-CLI.

As you know uptime, speed, and support, these three categories are the most important for any site’s success. Those categories are primary but most important. Some other web hosts can set themselves apart from the competition like additional plan features and those can positively contribute to their overall rating.

Shared hosting servers always do struggle to handle many visitors at the same time. In fairness, their (Siteground) setup can handle more than 100k visitors. But they will not suspend your website if extends visitor.

# Uptime:

Siteground has an average uptime of 99.99%, which is. 19% better compares to 99.79% industry standard. It declares about this awesome service and they keep their promise. Last year (2016) they had only 12 outages and really, it’s awesome, whereas web hosting had 2000+ outages.

Siteground takes time for page loading is 542ms or you can say 94.14% faster. Other web hosting where I keep my site, also take 1052ms time for page loading.

# Performance:

Siteground web hosting guarantee a standard period of 99.99% that is business as normal. You don’t worry about the performance of Siteground web hosting.

# Speed:

When the visitor types your website’s address in the browser, that request sent to your web hosting server for the file. Now your hosting server sends the request files to the visitor‘s browser as early as possible. If the server sends file very quickly or fastly, then hosted site will be opened quickly that is speed.

Siteground makes a lot of promises about website speed. All the tests that I ran, I see they keep their promise what they say.

SiteGround has five major data centers around the world – Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore.

A shared hosting server is sharing resources among the customers. Naturally, it’s critical to get the allocation. From my experience, SiteGround allows generous allocation with up to date software.

Feature Set & Integrations:

If you are especially technical based, SiteGround has the strong feature sets and you will get unlimited databases and email accounts from this.

If any occurrence happens to your own backups, don’t worry. SiteGround keeps daily backups which make more safety. It has industry standard cPanel to manage your hosting server and also have a simple user account backend.

For the beginner websites, they offer a free domain, free transfer, and have a site builder for one year.

Though SiteGround has many unique developer features. They integrated with CloudFlare’s CDN. Both PCI compliance and free Git & staging areas are really useful to integrate; they do this in their “GOGeek” plan.

If you have any high traffic website, WordPress staging feature on the GoGeek plan is only for you.

I mostly like their focus on WordPress and Joomla. They don’t have any fake features of Joomla or WordPress but they show their built-in features to improve better performance for both WordPress and Joomla.

SiteGround has own free SSL that works on a click. This helps WordPress not to go with https/SSL. This helps on direct integrations with CDN like CloudFlare.

If you have a startup site or rapidly growing site, you can go with them. You will get all helpful features and full support from them.

SiteGround Support & Customer Service:

Siteground is really good, so fast and also very consistent. Everybody cares about quality support. Hearing these Sounds is like a dream! Doing background checks and surveying other sources, I don’t find any negative responses about their customer support.

If my previous provider support team had been more responsive, then I never think about changing web hosting.

Siteground customar support

Honestly speaking, Siteground can provide 100% amazing customer support compared with other web hostings. I should give them a big feedback because they process over 1,500+ tickets, 800+ phone calls and 2,000+ chat requests each day.

My supporting experience on Siteground is EXCELLENT. When I want to make a live chat and message them. Within only 11 seconds, a friendly and the wise agent connected with me. My question, answer period started and some of the mine questions were like a kid.

Actually, I make live chat to know how to change the name servers on a domain, how to create email addresses on Siteground and how to keep the email inbox free from spam. The Agent confirms me that they have software that detects 98% of the spam emails. Actually, it was a great pleasure and they are the only one to keep their customer 100% satisfaction. I am the only one customer to give those marks 10 out of 10 for their support.

Syed Balkhi opinion

SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting Plans:

It’s very difficult to compare A to B because plans generally come with various goals and dreams. Here I like to show the comparative pricing based on the 3 “Ds” of core hosting features- Domain, Database, and Disk space.

The domain is for how many software installs you can run, the database is how many software installs you can run and disk space is for how many files you can upload to your account.

Siteground price and-plan

SiteGround’s 3 shared hosting plans are – StartUp ($9.95/mo), GrowBig ($14.95/mo) and GoGeek ($29.95/mo). StartUp limits you a single domain and all are limit disk space.

SiteGround gives a great discount for Signup period. It may be 60% off that is $3.95/mo for StartUp. These intro prices are competitive for any SignUp period.

>Host Your Site With SiteGround<

Last Words:

I will not so much talk about SiteGround web hosting. But If you really need a good website hosting for your site especially for WordPress, I think you can undoubtedly try with SiteGround. I am sure You will not fail but you will get a super fast web hosting that you did not imagine ever.

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