35 Top Quality Premium WordPress Music Themes 2017

For the band, nightclubs, magazine, you will need the WordPress music themes. We feel the importance of music in our daily life. It refreshes us. If you have a device, you can enjoy the online music streaming anywhere. However, if you have a music band, you need your own website to come in a position. So, to boost your WordPress website, you need the music themes. If you search for music themes for WordPress, you will find a lot of themes. So, a list of best premium WordPress music themes can help you to find the best one. Now get the brief details about 35 best premium WordPress music themes.

35 Top Quality Premium WordPress Music Themes For Musician, Artist, Band, Studio & DJ.

A fresh WordPress music theme is very important to the music bands, musicians and the organizer of any festival. Now introduce with amazing premium WordPress music themes.

1. Music


It is also the beautiful theme for artists, managers, and musicians. It is a fully responsive theme and will give the audience excellent experience. Besides, it matters a little which device they use. There are the options to share the posts, photos, videos and more. There are also unlimited layouts of pages. However, you can customize your logo, colors, etc.

2. Lucille



It is a music theme for WordPress. It is good for the visual composer to build content. You will get the black and white layout. Besides, it is easy to publish the posts and manage the site. The design includes the customization of video, music, photo, and posting. All these fields are supported by various plugins to optimize your dream site. Besides, there are unlimited options of color changing. The widgets also include SoundCloud, Music Bands, and some others. However, it offers you build in sharing options for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

3. Music Club

Music Club

It is one of the best WordPress Music themes. The developers make it for singers, DJs, music bands. You will get some special features and templates for the music industry. The Google fonts and special icons make texts looking gorgeous.  Besides, there is SEO searching filter. However, it is a retina ready and responsive and also mobile friendly. The graphics used here is high resolution. The sidebars, footers are easily customizable. So, to make your own business.

4. Avada


It is a very popular Word Press theme. It is extremely versatile and more than four years it is the high selling theme. It is very easy to use and multi-purpose theme. It gives powerful tools and options, responsive framework, unlimited designs and amazing support. This is why all customers love it. We are devoted to giving you with the greatest experience possible. The sky has the limit while using Avada. Avada offers you the power to make any design style virtually. These professionally diagramed demos beneath were built completely from Avada’scomprised options and craved no ethics coding. With only one click each demo can freely be imported and comprised for free. To initiate making tour sites select any of these wonderful templates, each one is able to fulfill your needs. Avada customizes the whole site with comfort. You cannot find any difficulties here. Even coding experiences are not required on this site.

5. Brooklyn


Brooklyn is one of the most famous WordPress themes. It is very easy to set up. For entertainment as well as music united blogs it can be used. This theme has some beautiful features. However, it is a total music theme. It permits you to affix your music playlists from the SoundCloud. It is a colorful theme with five color schemes.

6. Vocal


It is an amazing theme for the artist. A great artist always offers a lot of more things than just song. The artist also needs special images for the listener to buy the albums. In this case, a website that offers great style. However, it offers a lot of stunning features. You will get the slider, event manager, an audio player which is built-in. Overall, Vocal is a modern and stylish WordPress music theme.

7. Croma


It is an attractive, fresh and minimalist WordPress theme. The platform of this theme is sophisticated. It is a professional music theme. It is good for the record, music magazines, and studios. You can put together a website only by dropping and dragging through the visual composer page. Besides, you can add engaging presentations. You can also market music through WooCommerce online shop.



It is also an amazing WordPress music theme. It is perfect for the ambitious musicians. To enjoy FWRD, you need not be an expert developer. With this theme, you can create the interesting experience. The video background and Parallax effect are easy to include. However, it is a fully responsive theme. Besides, you can easily customize pages with Visual Composer plugin. You can taste this by visiting this site.

9. Kallyas


It is a multipurpose theme. If you use it, you will get a lot of special features. However, you will get the homepages with a one-click install option. Besides, it will get awesome animations and photo galleries. The setup contains many kinds of music and concerts formats. Besides, there are lots of headers, layouts and also color mixing options. You can do online business by Kallyas.

10. Mesh


Mesh is a beautiful theme that provides the complete music industry. It is really good for the music industry. But there are ten encompassing niches for the artist layout. However, the theme is vibrant and modern looking. There are also adaptable versions of plugins. Moreover, there is a site-wide audio player to enable your visitors to listen to your albums. So, you can use it for your music business.

11. Lush


To show your music in a showcase, Lush is the inspiring WordPress music theme. The background of this theme is full-screen and has the Slider Revolution plugin. It impresses the visitor much. There are also two animation options. However, the look of this theme is really impressive.

12. Vice


It is a retina ready and responsive software. It gives you the chance to showcase your music, photos and videos via the custom backgrounds. It includes sliders, galleries, and so on. You can also concern and tell something about your new release, events with five customs posts. Overall, you can create an amazing website easily with Vice.

13. Pantone


It is one of the best WordPress music themes. It is good for a musician as well as the businessman. It will allow you the tailored features with responsive design. There is also a Composer page to drag and drop. However, it is very simple to use. You can also use the WooCommerce plugin to sell and display your product. The theme also has automatic updater and lot of add-on compatibility.

So, try Pantone by visiting here –



It is a modern and rich in features WordPress theme for music, band. It is easy to use and designed for the webmasters from any platform. It is a complete musical theme and contains a lot of amazing music players. Besides, it has some fully functioned post types such as Music albums, Events, Radio, Artists, etc. It is a lightweight software with latest HTML5 and CSS3. It is also a mobile-friendly theme.

15. Colibri


It is a sparkling WordPress theme for artist, band, DJs. It is built on Bootstrap 3 that makes the website faster. However, it is a mobile- friendly theme and also fully responsive. You can present all your contents on a single page that makes the visitor stay on the page. The clean layout looks impressive. It is the best theme for a busy musician because the post of this page will regularly update on the social media account. Besides, you can promote your pages in SoundCloud and Instagram.

16. MusicHub


It is another flexible WordPress music theme for musician, club, radio, events and so on. The layout of this theme is resizable on the computer, Smartphone and tablets to give the visitors the great experience. Besides, you can change the color of your site. There is also a Drag and Drop builder plugin. It is a premium theme without any coding.

17. Remix


The Remix is also a music theme of WordPress for music, radio station, artists, band, party, event and other. It is compatible with 3.8, 3.9, 4 WordPress version. The layout with 12- column system is fully responsive. Besides, you can turn on the responsive mode. It has Fullscreen Slider, a lot of color schemes, retina ready icons, etc. Moreover, it has popup box, video, photo gallery and so on. So, enjoy this theme.

18. Speaker


It is a simple one page WordPress theme for music and music lovers. You can set up this theme easily. The responsive design and advanced features make it attractive to the viewer. You can easily customize the color, background, font styles and also the layout of this theme. You can also sell your product through WooCommerce.


Infra WordPress theme

It is another powerful and modern looking music theme. It is also a very current theme. However, the technology and features of this theme are really rich. It is better for the magazine. HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap make it faster. There are options to add a post, images. So this stylish looking theme can be a great choice for you.


Epron WP Theme

It is a versatile WordPress theme for musicians, bands, DJs, producers and so on. So, those who want to build their own music site, they can choose it. Eprom has also an event manager which is very responsive. There are a lot of font options, more than 5 custom posts style, a lot of color scheme and some other premium features.

21. IronBand

Iron premium theme

It is a new and magazine theme. The theme provides a lot of color options, multiple columns. You also get social media integration for Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and others. Besides, you can also customize images, fonts.

22. Noisa

Noisa music theme

Noisa is the theme that focuses on the machine than the artist. It is quite simple but has a gorgeous display. You will get dark and moody color scheme as default and crisp fonts. The bundled plugins contain albums, playlists, tracks. There are also an art gallery and biography options.

23. Applause

Applause WordPress music theme

It is the theme which is designed for featuring your events on the home page. There is five post type such as event, gallery, video, standard and event. Besides, Google Font, music player, demo content is also available there.

24. JamSession


It is a colorful theme with bold typography. However, this fully responsive theme has the 5 types of post such as standard, photo, album, video, etc. There is also a powerful music player and a video support for YouTube videos. You will get five custom pages with social media integration.

25. Soundboard


It is one of the fashionable music themes with many features. It has three-column structure. It works to give you the ability to display different types of posts on the homepage. It will help you to get visitors on your site. The main color of this theme is red and black. However, the theme has interlink system to manage events, music, tour dates, etc.

26. Muzak


It is a great theme for the music business, musicians and music club. It is clean and modern looking that provides you easy navigation for the visitors. If you want to add the details to your visitors, you can do this with the event management feature. Besides, you can upload videos easily to your site with the video management feature.


LA-BAND WordPress theme

It is another creative WordPress theme for musicians. It is very spirited and designer can choose the color of the theme. The colors are red, black, gray including white space and flat topography. There is an audio player, custom website templates, custom widgets, 3 types of post, etc.

28. Acoustic


It is a perfect WordPress theme for the music industry. If you are a DJ, band or solo artist or a music producer, the theme will promote your music business. There are some custom post types. There are some slider management and discography management to Mamore your side. Besides, there are some special widgets for a single artist.

29. MusicPlay

MusicPlay WordPress theme

MusicPlay is the user-friendly, amazing theme with good support. The structure of this theme is nice looking. When you scroll down your mouse, you will see a lot of thumbnails with animation effects. Besides, you will get enough breathing room in the boxed plan. You will also get 7 post types such as DJ mix, artist, video gallery, album, standard, etc. There are also some coloring options.

30. Keronchong


It is a beautiful theme of Word. However, it is the ideal one for musicians. It also provides you one-step shopping skill for music and the tickets of events. Your visitors can listen to music, view the posts or see the online photo gallery from your site. There is a slider on the top portion of the homepage. Besides, you can customize your site with some features.

31. Flycase


It is a music theme with attractive design. It focuses the visitors to pay attention to the important content. Everything of this theme will flow the visitors to the center it. There are some great effects that help to stay the visitors on your page for more time. This fully responsive theme has WooCommerce integration, some color schemes, Revolution Sliders and so on.

32. Tuned Balloon

Tuned Balloon

Tuned Balloon is a minimalist designed theme that focuses on the content. It is the theme for musicians and bands. However, it is a fully responsive theme and compatible for any device. You can customize this theme easily. Moreover, you will get some plugins to display videos.

33. Clubix


It is a fashionable WordPress Music theme. However, this 100% responsive theme has solid structure design with animation effects. There is a mp3 player and a radio player. Besides, it has event management capability. Moreover, the revolution slider, WooCommerce integration, and contact theme.

34. Club88


Club88 is an amazing WordPress music theme. It is a very colorful theme. The wide range of color makes it liven up. There are also five custom post types such as discography, video, artist posts, event, etc. It also supports YouTube videos stylized for WooCommerce.

35. Unik


It is another attractive music theme. The gorgeous design with multiple colors makes it more nice looking. The unique design of this theme is the mp3 player on the footer side of the page. It is developed for WooCommerce. However, there are layer sliders, revolution slider, a lot of Google fonts, animations, icons and so on.

Last Words:

In this article, I have discussed the best WordPress music themes. If you read them carefully, you can make the perfect decision to have the best one. All these are good themes for musician, bands. If you download one of them, it will help you to make a perfect music business.


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