Nobuna Review: A Redistribute Premium WP Themes & Plugins Store

Are you looking a premium WordPress theme & plugin to buy at the lowest price? If yes then you are the right place.

Because you can buy premium authors or developers (like Mythemeshop, ElegantThemes, ThemeJunake, StudioPress and more) store’s themes and plugins just at the lowest price that is unbelievable.

So read this full post. Because In this blog post, I will share the best review of Nobuna. This review completely helps you to buy WordPress premium and WooCommerce plugins, extension, and theme at the lowest price.

Premium themes of Nobuna

So let’s start

What is Nobuna?

Nobuna is a third party premium WordPress themes, Plugins, and Woo-commerce plugins store which has not own products but they redistribute the original GPL (General public license) products to upload their site from the popular premium stores.

Nobuna has full membership of the major premium WordPress stores like ThemeForest, Codecanyon, Mythemeshop, StuidoPress, Elegant themes, Themejunake and more.

What Type of Products will you get In Nobuna?

There are many WordPress premium themes and plugins in this store.

All themes and plugins are premium have taken from the original developer or author store. If you don’t want to purchase a theme or plugin from original author store at the highest price, you can buy that product from Nobuna store with just $5, $10 or $15 bucks.

Even if you join their full membership club, you can access more than 2500+ premium WordPress themes and plugins instantly.

Buy Yoast Plugin on Nobuna

For an example, if you want to buy a theme directly from the Mythemeshop or ThemeForest store, you have to pay the original price ($40-$59) that is very high for a beginner.

On the other hand, you can buy that theme at the low price ($10-$15) from the Nobuna store. I have talked before there are many popular premium store’s products in this store. See the below list.

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Premium Plugins of Nobuna Store:

  1. WordPress plugins.
  2. Woocommerce plugins
  3. WPMU DEV plugins.
  4. Yith Woocommerce plugins.
  5. Themefy plugins
  6. Yoast plugins.
  7. WordPress multilingual plugins.
  8. Give plugins.
  9. Affiliatewp plugins.
  10. Codecannon plugins.

 Premium Themes of Nobuna Store:

  1. Elegant themes.
  2. StudioPress themes
  3. Mythemeshoop themes.
  4. Woocommerce themes.
  5. Themefy themes.

Not only those premium marketplaces products have been included in the Nobuna store. You will get a lot of premium store’s products from the developer section.

Products of Nobuna Store

Benefits of Nobuna Store:

You will get only benefits to buy any theme or plugin at the lowest price. Even you can access more than 2500+ WordPress premium products just only $15. [Limited time only]

How will you reduce money to buy a premium WordPress plugin or theme?

Say you will buy a WordPress theme from Mythemshop store. The theme name is SoicalMe. So you have to exactly pay $59.  But if you want to buy that theme from the Nobuna store, you need only $11.80. So think yourself about price.

One thing is that if you buy any product from Nobuna, you just have to update manually. That means when you get version update notification from the Nobuna, you have to download update version again and upload them to your site.

Note: Now Nobuna has been run an auto-update system. That means you will not update manually. You will get update notification directly in your WordPress dashboard. 

Pricing and Plan:

You can buy a single product from this store. But the single product price will be different because of original vendor or author. So you can check single product’s price to browse indivisibly.

Pricing and Plans

But if you join their full membership club, you have to pay only $29/month (Discount Price only $15 Limited Time). The benefit of full membership club is that you can download 2500+ premium WordPress themes, plugins and premium Woocommerce plugins. The payment methods are PayPal and MasterCard.

2500+ Thems & Plugns For Just $15 

Nobuna Affiliate Program:

Nobuna has an affiliate program. If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, you can promote your referral link to make money.

You can earn passive income by referring customers to your site. When a customer clicks your affiliate link and purchases item, you will receive 30% commission. That is good commission I think.

You will get your referral commission on PayPal account.

General FAQ About Nobuna:

Are the files and downloads legal?

Yes, all themes, plugins, and WooCommerce extensions are legal and 100% open-source with the GNU GPL-licensed.

Are these genuine products?

100% Yes, Nobuna is an active premium subscription member of all original authors or stores. Nobuna just legally downloads products from the original store or author and upload them on their site. Finally, redistribute through their store (Nobuna).

How many sites can I use the plugin or theme on?

You can use unlimited sites. There is no restriction because all products are under the GPL licensed.

Does Nobuna provide updates to the products?

Yes. You will get update notification directly in your WordPress dashboard. 

Can I keep the plugins and themes after my subscription ends?

Yes. Because all themes and plugins are under the GPL licensed. So you can keep the plugins and themes after the subscription ends.

Does Nobuna offer technical support for themes, plugins, and WooCommerce extensions?

No, Because Nobuna is a third party store which only redistributes the original author or store products to upload their site and redistribute at the lowest price. So if you want to support, you should buy a product from the original developer or vendor.

Does Nobuna provide license keys?

No, because of all products under the GPL-licensed. So you don’t need a license key. A license key only used for the automatic update. So if want to automatic update, I recommend you to buy theme or plugin from original developer store.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

My Opinion About Nobuna Review:

If you don’t want to spend much money to purchase a premium WordPress theme or plugin for your blog, you can buy from the Nobuna store because you will get all premium products at the lowest price that is incredible.

Lastly, if you have not enough money to buy a premium theme and plugin from the original developer store, you can buy from the Nobuna store. And you can download your desired WordPress theme and plugin from Nobuna at the lowest price that you will not get the direct author or vendor store.

Buy Theme & Plugin From Nobuna


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