How to Steal Competitor’s keywords? (Beginner Guide)

When we talk about search engine rank, we are to think about keywords because keywords are the main key for ranking a website on search engine. Even you cannot get organic search traffic without good keyword that has search value it would be low or high.

If you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, you have to gather web traffic through the organic ways. Only organic traffic can bring your online success for a long time.

So in this blog post, I will be describing how to steal your competitor’s keywords for writing your next SEO friendly blog post that will send minimum search engine traffic to your blog.

So let’s start.

How to Find Competitor’s Website?

Before going to steal competitor’s keywords, you have to find a competitor’s website. Finding competitor’s website is not so much hard. You can follow various ways to find your competitor websites or landing pages.

Use the below formula on the search bar to find the competitor’s websites.

http://”your keyword”

In this way, you will get huge niche keyword URLs or websites. Now you have to check the website rank or other valuable facts to find the best competitor’s websites.

Note: If your competitors’ site rank & domain authority is good, and receive traffic from search engines, you can select that otherwise not.

5 Ways to Steal Competitor’s Keywords:

There are many ways you can steal competitor’s keywords. But here I will discuss only 5 ways that will really work.

1# Use Page Source of Competitor’s Website:

This is the very simple way to steal your competitor’s keywords. Just simply go to a competitor’s website page or post, then press Ctrl+U to view website HTML source code.

Now you have to find keywords. So look the code for the keywords in the title tag, the Meta description, keywords tag, and any image title tags or ALT tags.

After that, research or check that keywords value into a keyword research tool.

Note: You may not find relevant keywords from all websites by this way because all websites do not use the same keyword tags.

2# Google Keyword Planner Tool:

This is a free and most popular keyword research tool for every webmaster. You can research unlimited high-value keywords with this tool.

So let’s start with how to find competitor keywords with Google keyword planner (GKP).

  • First of all, login Google keyword planner with your existing Gmail account.
  • Then go to ‘Tool’ option and click ‘Keyword Planner’
  • After that click “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category“.
  • Enter your competitor’s website or landing page.
  • Finally, click ‘Get Idea’ button.

After a few seconds you will get a lot of keywords idea with average monthly search, competition, suggested bid etc. Now you can choose your competitor’s best keywords that have good search value.

3# SEMrush Tool:

This is my best premium keyword research tool. If you want to find profitable keywords that have actual search value and easy for ranking on Google search engine then SEMrush is the best.

By the way, to research competitor’s keywords correctly with this tool just simply-

  • Login SEMrush tool.
  • Enter competitor’s website or landing page.
  • Then click ‘Start Now’ button.

Wait for a few seconds to get competitor’s keywords database. In this tool you will get keyword’s organic search value, paid search, backlink, organic keywords, related keywords, and more ideas.

Note: SEMrush is a paid tool. So if you are a new, you can register on this site. For our Smart Blog Idea readers, we offer 14-day free trial. Hurry up!

4# Ahrefs Keyword Tool:

Ahrefs is like SEMrush keyword tool. This is an online keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords. If you want to find your related niche or competitor keywords then

  • Go to Ahrefs and login.
  • Navigate to Site Explorer
  • Now enter your competitor’s landing page or website and hit search.
  • Finally, click the ‘Organic keywords’ option

After that, you will get a large list of keywords to find the best keywords on your Competitor’s website.

5# Moz Keyword Tool:

Moz  is another world popular paid keyword research tool, although it has 30-day free trial. This tool has hundred+ keyword databases. That’s why you will get updated keywords idea in just a few seconds.

To research or steal your competitor’s keyword through Moz tool.

  • Firstly Login Moz.
  • Enter your competitor’s website.
  • Then hit the search button.

Moz will take a few seconds to ready their database for finding the best keywords. Now you can choose your targeted competitor’s keywords that will be perfect for your next blog post.

Over to You:

There are no ways to get online success for a long time without organic search traffic. So if you are a beginner and want to succeed in online, you should care about keyword from the starting period. I always prefer to use SEMrush keyword tool for getting unlimited perfect keywords idea. If you are totally new, you can use SEMrush 14 day free Guru Trial account.


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