Top 50 Blog Post Ideas For You In 2017

If you are in need of developing your website with new blog posts, I am here to suggest you 50 blog post ideas for you in 2017. In recent years, we have noticed that blog plays an important role in our day to day life. Almost everyday people search the internet for their query. And, most of the time they get help from the blog posts. They are engaging with a blog making it as a profitable sector. But if we want to provide unique content in the blog to get more visits, the task will not be easy at all. Because different people have different choices and queries. For this reason, when a blogger writes a blog post, he should follow some instructions to get more visitor attention.

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In this writing, I am going to show 50 blog post ideas for you in 2017. These ideas are unique and new. If you are struggling to find a new and interesting idea or search for visitor attractive content idea, 50 blog post ideas will be helpful for you.

Top 50 Ideas for Writing killer Blog Posts:

Many blog writers follow different ways in writing blog posts. They produce excellent content to attract more visitors to their blog site. In this article, I have made 50 blog post Ideas which will make your blog site more interesting. And, I hope these ideas will save your time to find out the topics of writing.

1. Recipes:

Most of us love to eat and some are very much crazy about food. Especially, new and delicious foods attract everyone. And it’s a great way for a blogger to get a huge traffic on blog by posting content about new and delicious food recipes. It will draw a huge visitor and also a handsome revenue.

2. Honest Information:

People always search the web to know the right things. But all the resources on the web are not real and honest. This is a great opportunity for a blogger to draw the attention of the visitors. If a blogger provides appropriate information, he will get more traffic on his blog. It is a genuine method.

3. New Contest:

We always fascinated about something new. If you run a new contest in your blog site one specific topic, people will try to show their productivity by participating in this contest. And, it will make your site popular to the audience.

4. Review:

Review on a specific product like books, electronic gadgets, and interesting something is a great source of attracting people. In recent years, people are looking for the honest reviews before buying any product. So, it is a great idea to write product reviews on the blog for getting more visits.

5. Tutorial:

If you have professional knowledge on particular topics, you can share them as tutorials. You can make some regular blog post on those skills. If people have an interest in your skills, they will make crowd on your site.

6. Info graphic:

Info graphics is a popular trend. It helps to make a visual figure of huge complex data. So, if you use info graphic on your writing, it will be eye catching to the visitors. Use your visuals and make the best of it.

7. Motivational Quotes:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else´s life”-It is a quote from Steve Jobs. Every moment people are looking something that will give them inspiration. Including motivational quote in writing makes it heart-touching to the readers.

8. Interview:

You can publish an important interview on your blog. It can be about someone who has great stories about their life and he is a successful one for sure. And, you just have to utilize his popularity for your website.

9. Adventurous Post:

You can share any of your adventures on your blog post. People are very much curious about a new adventures. It can create curious and brave desire among the readers.

10. Travel Experience:

Travel experience is one of the most popular blog post ideas. Everyone likes to travel. So, you can share your recently visited experience in your blog post.

11. Educational Blog posts:

Curious mind always tries to learn something new. For this reason, educational posts get more attention from the visitors. Latest educational topics catches more visits.

12. Create Product Lists:

You can create a product list like top 10 antiviruses of 2017, 5 most useful websites in the world. It will help those people who have not enough time to search. And, you also get huge traffic from there.

14. Blogs on Happiness:

Happiness is a popular topic for blog posting. Most of the people are tensed about their life and career. They want to spend their time by being busy. If you can produce necessary direction for them to be happy, it will attract the readers a great deal.

15. Favorite Gadget:

We are in the era of technologies and new inventions. Everyday a huge number of new items are exposed. If you can keep your contents up to date about all the latest inventions, the readers will surely bound to visit your sites regularly.

16. Relationship Issues:

Now, we are among the people who are always in dilemma about something. Main of them is relationship problem. Almost everyone has relation problems. When these people roam around the internet, they might find this topic relevant to them. And, they will regularly check what you update about this kind of topics.

17. Top Movies:

Movies are one of the most interesting topics for all the people around the world. If you put regular news, download links, rates, and views, it will easily catch the eyes of the readers of your websites. Just remember to update the information as soon as possible.

18. Travel Essentials:

Travels and tours are another fundamental topics in the web history. Now, many people are interested in travelling. They regularly check the websites for the latest info about the tour packages and places. They also search for hotels and food facilities.

19. Favorite Restaurants:

There are a lot of food lovers in the world. They want to taste different types of foods from any corner of the world. Many of them has made TV shows on food purpose. You can also follow the way sitting in your house only.

20. Some Things You Can’t Live Without Post:

At present, a common type of topic is “10 things you can’t live without” kind of posts. Most of the new grown web posts contains such posts. And, a large number of curious people are following them. It has become a new trend now.

21. Top Beauty Products:

Beauty tips and products are having a huge demand. Girls and ladies from every corner of the earth daily visit what has come out new in the market. You can use this as a huge idea for regular views for your website.

22. Favorite Sports:

Sports is undoubtedly a major topic. And, it is getting updated every second. You can quickly increase the followers of your website by posting sports related topics and latest news.

23. Top Rated Blogs:

Blogs are a major sources of different kinds of news and info. You can link the top blogs from your web pages. It will help the visitors find their desired blogs easily. Besides, you can also increase your web rate.

24. Important Lesson:

Many of the modern people are not aware of the harsh reality of life. Even, they don’t want to hear about them either. You can put a better example behind them by posting a blog in a creative way. It will raise a sense of duty in them too.

25. Epic Failures and Overcomes:

We are very much confused and stressed in modern life. Many of us can’t fight after being failed. If you can tell them how to overcome the failure in a creative way, they will take this seriously. Also, you will be a living example to them.

26. Top TV Series:

TV is one of the main mediums of entertainment. You can keep your web updated with the news of top rated TV series. In 2017, A large number of series have been placed in the viewers’ mind. You just have to make the right use of them.

27. Useful Exercises:

Modern people are very much concerned about their health. You can provide the useful and quicker ways of having good figures and healthy body. It is a guaranteed way to have more visitors.

28. Maintenance Ideas:

Most of the modern companies want better employees. Any place like workplaces and houses, you need an arranged life and working techniques. If you can provide these types of contents in your blog, it will make higher rate no doubt.

29. How to Make Yourself Look Better:

People of all ages try to find a unique way to make them look more beautiful and attractive. You can take this as your working bullet. Just make the best tips and publish them categorizing them in male and female.

30. Productivity Tips:

Productivity is another fatal topic for blogs. There is want of products. But, every product can’t come up with expectation. You can show them better ways to make them successful in business. You can also talk on product review and marketing.

31. Share Top Apps:

Android apps are in great demand nowadays. Huge number of apps are getting introduces and updated every day. You can introduce them by yourself. It can surely bring you a huge number of visits to the website.

32. About Friends:

Friend is a very common topic for discussion. But, today see many kinds of friends with various selfish demands. A friend can influence your life in many ways. Your blogs can suggest how to make true friends or maintain a friendly relationships. It will also engage you in social work like awareness.

33. How to Be Successful:

Every single person with good mental condition wants to be successful in life. But, many of them fail to achieve it. If you have any idea of being successful, you can share them with the viewers. Besides, you can also bring the reference from the famous people in the world. Their worthy words and examples can quickly draw many visits for the blog.

34. Easy way to be Happy:

Being happy is the most wanted but failed desire. A person can’t be happy always in all spheres. But, if he knows how to handle any situation and move forward, he can be happy. You can produce this kind of effective suggestions.

35. Viral Contents:

Today we can notice that everyday something goes viral. Some people make different things and make them viral in the social media. Especially, funny and amazing videos are at the top position. It can be the main idea for your websites as it draws visitors very quickly.

36: Music:

There is hardly any man who doesn’t like music. A huge number of musical forms and events are taking place on earth. You can keep the latest news on your website. Another helpful way is to give the viewers the links.

37. Money making Posts:

Everyone is trying to make money online. Mainly those ones who have an idea about online and computer. There are numerous sites available in the websites. You can also put them in an arranged way in your one too.

38. Current Issues:

Your web can be successful as a current affair station. Most of the people want to get the latest news online. If you can make your web as a better place for this, you can be famous in a day.

39. Scientific Researches:

Science is making new dimensions every day. You can use this as the main topic for your website. Latest research updates can raise your rating points.

40: Funny Topics:

There is no one who is not a fun lover. Numerous funny events and topics are available. Just collect them and show them in categories properly and make your web a must to visit one.

41. Social Media:

We can’t go a day without social media. Every social media plays a very important role presenting different topics. Use these ways in your blogs. Make the links and see the magic.

42. Space Affairs:

Space is a mystery to all. Daily, new inventions are being made. You can keep your web up to date with these and gather more viewers instantly. Try to keep the images with them. It will help the visitors to feel the depth of your collection.

43. Politics:

Everywhere we face politics in different aspects. Mainly, international politics is one of the major topics now. Just put the latest ones together on your web page and make a boom. The readers will find your pages first.

44. Awards:

Awards are also a major topic for the web page readers. Almost every day, someone gets awarded for his or her contribution in any spheres. This is also a catchy news for all. Take the advantage of it and make the path rising higher.

45. Career Opportunities:

A huge number of people are searching for better career opportunities every second. Collect suitable options and put them in your website to impress the huge job seekers. You can’t even think how much this will help them and increase your rating in a short time.

46. Online Studies:

Many of the students now want to study online. They want to do their graduation sitting at home. A large number of institutions also provide better facilities online. You can gather that information and make the right use on your own website.

47. Life Hacking:

Life is not a happier element for all of us. Some find life as a broken situation. Some also find a breakthrough at any point. You can collect those stories and make a better example for the readers.

48. Fashion:

Fashion is a major topic for people of all ages. It is one of the best uses for a website. If you can make the best use and organize the web properly, you won’t need to worry anymore. Your life will be settled.

49. Health Topics:

Everyone is a health conscious today. They want to know the latest tips and tricks of being healthy. It is another way to make your website a necessary one to the viewers. Famous doctors’ reference will be more helpful if you can put them correctly.

50. International Events:

International affairs and events are very much desired topics for people of every corner of the earth. Just, be alert to gather the latest international event and publish the details on your web page. It will magically take to the top of the web owners.

Last Words:

Making a blog attractive is not a rocket science. But remember that making a blog post more interesting means making the topics more helpful and interesting. It doesn’t mean to create fake news and post them to earn more views. Because it will discourage the new visitors. And, no one will be the permanent member of your website or blog. I believe that this post will help you get Top 50 blog post ideas. Just follow the above and create your own world on the web. Be honest and make the best use of your contents in a planned way.


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