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Hi, welcome to about us page. You have come here for knowing about me (Blog admin) or Smart Blog Idea (SBI).

Smart Blog Idea is an enthusiastic bloggers blog which covers various exclusive topics related experienced guide that really needs for a beginner or advanced level affiliate marketer and blogger.

Currently, we are covering the following topics to publish high-quality information on this blog.

The topics are.

  1. Blogging: Blogging is a smart profession nowadays. So in this category, we publish blogging related List, tips-tricks & how to guides.
  2. WordPress: You know WordPress is a popular CMS platform for blogging. That’s why there are a lot of things to know about this. In this category, we publish WordPress theme, plugin & WordPress CMS related guides to improve the overall WordPress experience.
  3. Webhosting: We always try to give something new to our valued readers. In this section you will get hosting news, coupon & web hosting guides that will completely solve your web hosting related issues.
  4. Make Money Online: Money is the main fact to do something. So making money is really tough. To earn money from online, you need a lot of studies or hard works. So in this category, we publish real experienced guides that reduce 80% tension to make money from online.

I bought Smart Blog Idea on 6 July 2017 to start blogging from my passion. Firstly, I was inspired to start blogging by Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud) & Matthew Woodward, who are the top blogger & affiliate marketer of the world.

When I registered this domain. I had no dollars (US currency). I was finding USD dollar to purchase hosting from iPage which is my popular WordPress hosting network.

However, As I did not get dollars to buy domain & hosting lastly. Finally, I took the decision to buy domain & hosting from the local web hosting provider.

I have bought domain & hosting from BossHostBD which is a Bangladeshi web hosting network. I’m continuing hosting with this network till now.

SBI is not only a blog for bloggers. This is a community tool which always shares real information that can change your whole life.

I’ve talked before that Blogging is an own boss profession. So if you are a new or never blogged before, don’t mistake with just another thing. SBI is an empowering tool which can give the desired answer to everyone in every corner of the planet.

Behind The SmartBlogIdea

Palash Talukder

Palashtd: Founder & Author of Smart Blog Idea

Hi, I’m Palash Talukder
I’m a passionate blogger from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’ve been blogging part-time basis for 2 years. And I’ve been interacting with various online activities since 2008. I developed many niches related blogs to share secret & foolproof guides. Lastly, I create SmartBlogIdea to blogging professionally.
I ‘ve created this site to give beginners a fast & real proof guide to start a blog and choose blog related deals without having to learn or making any expensive mistakes that most of the people do.
As SBI was born very earlier. But in this short time, all most 50+ blogs have already been created using my foolproof guides.

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